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15 Custom Website Samples to Spark Ideas for Your Employee Award Program

Have you ever had an awesome idea that would greatly benefit your employees, but found the creative side of the project was hanging you up? Too often we see great ideas be put to the wayside simply because a team may not be sure on how to implement the concept within their company’s framework. Launching an award program for your employees should be a fun and exciting time, as the benefits of a reward program are tremendous and impactful. Here at Awards Network, we want to also make sure your award program is simple, user-friendly, and, most importantly, customized to fit your exact vision.
We frequently help clients fuse their program ideas with their company’s brand and culture. Here are five unique trends, shown in 15 samples, that we've designed for our clients:

Trend #1: Follow branding guidelines 

Programs that look and feel like your current marketing efforts allow for employees to feel that your new recognition program is an extension of your brand. Using similar fonts, colors, verbiage, and imagery of what employees are already familiar with allows for the program to launch effortlessly, while still creating a new excitement and buzz around the office. Plus, by sticking close to branding guidelines, it's likely your Marketing Team will approve your artwork, and that’s one step closer to launching a program! 
Sample #1: Leeps Supply Company
Leeps Supply Company

Sample #2: Ryan Health 
Ryan Health

Sample #3: McDonald's


Trend #2: Keep it modern and simplistic

A huge trend right now in the design world are sleek and modern looking websites. Many companies come to us wanting a sophisticated and clean website, which in turn makes the employee’s experience extremely simple and user friendly. Ask us about how to receive a complimentary website with your service award program! 

Sample #4: General Plastics
General Plastics

Sample #5: Flaherty & Collins, Inc. 
Flaherty & Collins

Sample #6: Andritz


Trend #3: Fun, colorful and vibrant websites

Awarding your employees should be a bright and enjoyable experience, and we want your recipients to feel that way too! By using bold colors, fun fonts, and playful design elements, your employees won’t help but feel happy as they participate in your awards program.

Sample #7: Boersma Travel
Boersma Travel

Sample #8: Wolf Trap
Wolf Trap

Sample #9: PeopleWave



Trend #4: Photography based, lifestyle imagery 

People are visual creatures by nature and photography plays a crucial role in creating a great experience for your users. Photography itself captures a level of authenticity, so when you partner this with your awards program, you communicate a genuine feel to your program. It reminds your employees of your common goal as an organization. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Sample #10: Connecticut Community Care
Connecticut Community Care

Sample #11: Benson Food Service
Benson Food Service

Sample #12: Plainfield Charter Township



Trend #5: Gift-themed websites

Award programs are all about recognizing your exceptional people with gifts of gratitude, so why not design your program around just that! Gift-themed websites offer a professional feel, yet make employees excited they are getting the praise they deserve. Plus, who doesn’t love opening gifts?! 

Sample #13: Leverpoint

Sample #14: Egan Company

Sample #15: Media


Regardless how you choose to design your award program, you are already ahead of so many others who have yet to build a recognition program for their employees. Remember, awarding your employees empowers them, and empowered people empower others. Awards Network is here to make your vision come to life! 


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