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33 Creative Employee Recognition Program Names and Themes

Creative-Employee-Recognition-Program-Names.pngPicking an employee recognition program name isn't always easy. The name you choose will set the tone for the life of your program and a creative, fun and engaging name will help attract your employees to participate. A catchy name will help your employees remember your program too. If you're trying to choose a name and are looking for suggestions, check out these 33 creative employee recognition program names as inspiration.

discover-wellness.pngHealth and Wellness Themes
  • Be Your Best Program
  • Discover Wellness Program
  • Healthy Choices Program
  • Living Well Program
  • Movers and Shakers Program
  • Picture of Good Health Program
  • Total Health Program



Learning and Education Themes

  • Earn While You Learn Program
  • Flying Colors Program
  • Hungry for Success Program
  • Recipe for Success Program
  • Set the Stage Program
  • Sharp Cookie Program



Safety Themes

  • Aim for Safety Program
  • Always Alert Program
  • On the Safe Side Program
  • Out of Harm's Way Program
  • Safety First Program
  • Smooth Sailing Program



Sports Themes

  • All-Star Program
  • Climb to the Top Program
  • Hole in One Program
  • Home Run Contest
  • Race Against Time Contest
  • Slam Dunk Program



Miscellaneous Themes

  • Bee Excellent Program
  • High Five Program
  • Kudos Program
  • Make a Difference Program
  • Reach for the Moon Program
  • Sky's the Limit Program
  • Standing Ovation Program
  • Take the Floor Program


Good employee recognition program names will work best when they directly relate to the goals and culture of your company. If you're looking for more ideas, try one of these additional employee award program themes for recognition programs, incentive programs, and more! 

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