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Best Practices for Using Employee Award Program Themes

Last week we shared specific examples of themes for the various types of reward programs and continuing on this discussion, we would like to present some best practices for award program themes.

Select a theme that compliments your corporate values and goals.

When it comes to creating a theme for your reward program, think about what the program’s purpose is and try to come up with a theme that compliments this purpose. Additionally, as mentioned in a white paper, you should align a reward program theme with your goals, strategies, results and objectives.

If your company was looking to increase its recognition culture and employee retention, selecting a recognition program theme that emphasizes the value of individual contributions (A Fortunate Find is an example from last week’s blog) would be a good choice. The theme of the award program in this case would be aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Keep the look of award program components and supplements consistent.  

When designing the artwork for your printed and online reward program components, make sure that both your logo and branding appears with any theme you are incorporating throughout. Promotional tools such as emails or posters should also be kept consistent so that the branding of your program is represented in each part of your recognition or incentive program. If you partner with an experienced award program provider, this process should be a lot easier as graphic design professionals have the skills needed to accomplish a unified look for the incentive or recognition program. Branding is important so that a person can glance at the website or a flyer and immediate recognize the reward program these pieces are a part of.

Change the award program theme on an annual basis.

As with your organization’s marketing, people can become immune to reward program communications if they never change. A good rule of thumb is to change the reward program theme at least on an annual basis. For sales incentive programs, themes can be changed each time a new contest or competition is introduced.

Create a contest to select a reward program theme. 

By making a contest out of selecting the next theme your company will utilize for your reward program, you can get employees involved and interested in changing the award program theme on a regular basis. When you select a theme suggested by employees, they become a part of the decision process which makes it more relevant to participants. If you have a custom award program website, employees can even submit their theme ideas online.

Following these best practices will ensure your award program theme not only makes your recognition or incentive program fun, it will also help to increase participation and the success of your program. Do you have any theme best practices to share? Please add your feedback in the comments section!


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