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Create a Recognition Program Your Employees Will Love [Bonus: Survey Question Ideas]


It’s no surprise that when employees feel unappreciated they are less productive in their job roles. Because of this, employers are continually finding themselves struggling with high turnover rates and trying to find creative ways to boost morale and overall employee performance. Simply put, happier employees frequently leads to higher productivity and increased profit for the business. In fact, companies with formal engagement programs realized a 26% higher change in annual revenues than all others

So, how can you go about building an employee recognition program for your employees?

Survey Your Employees

Start your process by going straight to the source. Survey your employees to see what motivates them. Knowing what drives your employees to do their best will help you determine how to reward behaviors that make the most sense to your organization. Some sample questions we’ve asked our employees include:

#1. How frequently do you feel praise from others at work?
#2. Do you feel valued at work?
#3. Do you have a clear understanding of your role and career path here?
#4. Do you believe you need more training to accomplish your job responsibilities?
#5. What motivates you at work?
#6. How do you prefer to be recognized?
#7. What would you like to learn more about?

Implement a Reward Program with Continuous Feedback

Timing is everything. After conducting your survey, implement an award program before momentum is lost. This will show your employees that you value their feedback and get you on the path to a better workplace culture. We often have clients who utilize a feedback form on their reward program website in order to attain ongoing, anonymous thoughts from their employees. You can learn more about our software’s reward website features here.


Communicate Your Program

Your program will only be successful if it’s well communicated. Communication is key in many aspects of our daily lives. Make sure your employees know about the program. Learn more about how to generate excitement throughout the process by sharing updates, success stories, and continuing to ask for their participation and opinions.


Let the Fun Begin

Once you have a program in place, the fun begins. Sit back and enjoy watching productivity and employee morale increase! Awards Network is here to help you develop a successful, engaging and stress-free program; reach out for a free consultation anytime. All employees, regardless of background, need to know their efforts are noticed, appreciated and awarded. 


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