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Employee Recognition Ideas: 5 Custom Award Program Website Themes

Have you ever tried to start a creative project but don't know where to begin? Starting an employee recognition program to award employees should be exciting! Launching a new program should be a nice addition to your company culture, which can be simple and fun if you're using the right tools. Awards Network's team strives to create new, innovative and eye-catching award websites for our clients. The best part is: the award website is complimentary when you start a onetime gift award program with us. 
We're frequently asked for sample ideas and award program themes so we thought we'd share five inspirational websites that we've designed recently. Check out more employee award program theme ideas here

Theme #1 - Mixing and matching fresh and vibrant colors 

The EP!C award program theme combines warm and cool colors and incorporates photos of their staff members. Ask us about how to receive a complimentary website with your service award program!


Theme #2 - Simplicity with multi-colored imagery 

The German American State Bank award theme certainly has a clear call-to-action, which makes it easy for employees to order their name brand gifts! Awards Network's award catalog begins at $25 and offers 15 pricing levels up to $3,500. All our gifts ship free within the 48 states too! 


Theme #3 - Digitally watermarked with a sneak-peak of catalog rewards

The Ozark National Life recognition award program homepage highlights some of the brand name merchandise that Awards Network offers. The award catalog has over 2,500 brand name gifts such as Apple, Keurig, Nike, Coach, Kitchen Aid, Tumi, Craftsman and more. (*This is an upgraded website).


Theme #4 - Cityscape collage with focus on innovation

The New York City Education Development Corporation award theme focuses on the organization's surroundings and diverse atmosphere. All the marketing materials were carefully crafted by our Account Management team and align with the website's theme.


Theme # 5 - Uniquely sketched with a soft look & feel

The Standard Beverage Corporation award program theme was inspired by the fun and social nature of their industry. Awards Network can set up a customized award program within just a few business days!  Our program consultants are available to help you; just reach out to and ask for more information.

Ask us about designing a custom award program theme for your company, or visit our employee award program theme ideas blog for more tips and ideas for recognition programs, incentive programs, sales incentive programs and safety programs.


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