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Why Should we have an Employee Recognition Program?

It's the beginning of August, and many people are experiencing the summer slowdown this month. As an HR manager, you may not necessarily have less work to do this month. With everyone taking vacations and meetings getting postponed, you may find that you have more time on your hands to work on projects. August is a great time to work on employee recognition programs before the hiring cycle kicks in again next month. You may be wondering though, why should you start a formal employee recognition program? This infographic has recent research to help you make the pitch to executives and get a program started.

Still not sure you have all the information you need to present an employee recognition program for approval? Please get in touch with our recognition experts who can help guide you through the options and present a program that is sure to please employees while affordable for any budget. We can get your program set up in as few as 12 business days including custom options.
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