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Engaging Employees with Safety Incentive Programs

Earlier in the year, the Positive Influence blog featured a post on Implementing Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Using Tangible Rewards which discussed how total rewards programs a proven method to engaging employees in proactive, safe behavior. The author of the post contends, “…Participation, collaboration and customization are necessary to ensure that the [safety program] fits the organization and to ensure that employees accept the [safety program].” In this week’s post I would like to discuss how companies can design a safety incentive program to maximize participation, collaboration and customization.


In general, safety programs often function so that managers recognize their employees for reaching safety related goals and demonstrating safe behavior on the job. In order to maximize participation, managers in an organization need to know how the safety program works and how they can recognize their employees.

Often in safety programs, managers are able to recognize and reward their employees in two ways. For one, management is able to give workers on the spot safety recognition awards. This means when a person observes an employee who prevents an accident, the worker can be presented with a safety award card that permits the person to redeem a safety gift online from a predetermined collection of merchandise. The other way that managers are able to recognize employees is when safety goals are met. Employees are notified by managers via email or in person when objectives are met so that recognition can be given consistently as goals are achieved.


Teamwork and collaboration can be maximized when workers are asked to complete safety goals as a team, safety committees are formed to gather feedback and suggestions to keep the safety program relevant and regular communication via safety meets is transmitted to inform employees on the progress of the safety program. Clients of mine often utilize these tools to increase the safety awareness in the workplace while maximizing participation.


Safety incentive programs are easily customized with modern technology. Safety program websites can be created to mirror an existing corporate website and all components of the program can also be designed to feature a company logo and overall branding. From email communications to paper catalogs, the customization of modern safety award programs is limitless.

Generating safety awareness in the workplace will be a common goal for many organizations in the coming New Year. By maximizing participation, collaboration and customization of a safety award program, companies can increase safety awareness and engage employees to achieve their safety goals.

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