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How to Resolve 4 Common Workplace Issues


Does your workplace have these four common predicaments?
Learn how to create an inclusive workplace by making some simple changes. We have some tips and advice on how you can change your employee culture by thinking outside the box with an employee award program! Start making subtle changes to see big results. 

1. You don't get honest feedback from employees
It’s necessary to have a relationship with your employees in order to gather the truth about what obstacles stand in the way of your company’s success. Meeting with employees more than once a year will show that you value your employees’ thoughts and take their points of view into consideration when making decisions about daily operations. Starting a reward and recognition program where employees can collaborate and submit their ideas for improvement would be an effective and easy (not to mention cheap) way to collect thoughts or streamline a procedure.
2. You have trouble retaining employees
Most managers understand the importance of retaining their top talent but it’s more difficult to measure the impact on the company if “rockstar” employees leave. Finding a way to alleviate this issue altogether is key. Ongoing points-based incentive programs help managers to recognize an employee on-the-spot or anytime it’s well deserved. If you empower your employees, you will be amazed at the increase in loyalty.

3. You wish all employees worked well together
Everyone at your company probably won’t get along perfectly (and if they do then we want to know your trick!). You can't expect your employees to be best friends, but they should at minimum respect and acknowledge accomplishments. We believe recognition makes a huge difference and our clients do too. We’ve developed over 1,000 custom employee recognition award programs that have been integrated with our clients’ cultures. The award program enabled their employees to recognize one another publicly and earn points redeemable for name-brand gifts like Keurig, Apple, Bose, Kitchen Aid and Michael Kors.

4. You're looking for a better way to recognize hard work
Your time is probably limited, which isn’t uncommon these days. Don’t think for one minute that recognizing employees is a terribly daunting task. Awards Network is happy to consult with you and help pinpoint the problem areas within your organization in order to develop effective incentives for your staff. Investing in an employee award program can make or break whether or not your employees can communicate well with you. A customized award program that's tailored to your core values will help your team come together and accomplish your most important goals.

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