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Need Some Motivation at Work? How to Become a More Motivated Employee (or Boss)


What is the most motivating factor you can have at work? The truth is, there isn't just one motivating factor to remain fulfilled and challenged, but instead there are several factors.

Sometimes the ongoing to-do lists can become mundane and your job role can become a routine that you've fallen into. So how can you add some life to a dull day or lift your creativity? We have some ideas!

Read an inspiring book

Looking to find a new passion or break out of your shell a bit? Dr. Barbara Oakley's book, Mindshift, shares "how we can uncover and develop talents we didn’t realize we had—no matter what our age or background." Expand the thoughts you didn't know you had and dive deeper into what makes you tick.

Have lunch with a colleague

Chances are, you socialize at work. Go grab a work friend and have a cup of coffee for that mid-afternoon boost. Chatting and being around like-minded people can benefit your well-being, raise your endorphins and motivate you to work harder. "Over 26% of global workers said discussing success with colleagues motivates them."

Create or participate in an employee award program

Achieving a goal feels great but that feeling is magnified when receiving a reward or pat on the back for your accomplishment. Many organizations' award programs publicize employee achievements and reward employees who go above and beyond with tangible items such as gift cards, name brand merchandise and travel experiences.

The 2016 Korn Ferry Hay Group Alternative Employee Rewards study found "alternative rewards are key to being an employer of choice (89%), remaining competitive (87%), and engaging employees (81%)." If you're looking to start a new employee recognition program, our recognition specialists would be thrilled to hear from you!

Focus on your well-being

Don't feel guilty for powering off your computer when the clock strikes 5 p.m. Relieve some daily stress by avoiding the "do it all" attitude. Your mental state will impact your decision making abilities so try to slow down regularly and give yourself a little more credit for everything you do.

Avoid a burn out and find an alternate activity when you're feeling unmotivated. A positive mental state starts with taking care of yourself and broadening your horizons with new opportunities, books, rewards, colleagues and anything else that may lift your spirits so you can achieve greater heights!

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