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Where Should you Start with an Employee Recognition Program?

Want to plan an employee recognition program but you aren't sure where to start? This is a common complaint for HR professionals in charge of setting up a rewards program for their organization. This infographic makes that process streamlined and easy. You'll want to start by asking yourself if you are awarding each employee for more than one reason. We start with this questions as there is a large difference between onetime gift programs such as years of service awards and ongoing programs such as peer to peer recognition awards.

 Where Should you Start with an Employee Recognition Program?

Do you want employees to select multiple gifts?

There are two different ways an employee recognition program can be set up: one way is where employees will select one gift out of a predetermined price point. These programs are easy to budget since you know how much will be spent on each awardee. The other way is to allow employees to select multiple gifts and spend up to a certain dollar amount on their award(s). With this option, employees have more flexibility in their award options but you won't know how much is spent until every employee places an order.

Would you like people to earn points that can be saved or spent?

Some companies like the idea of awarding points to employees, so that people can save their points and decide on their own when to spend them. Points based programs are also great because you don't have a minimum award amount per se. For instance, some employee recognition program providers may allow you to recognize an employee without an award, and if you do want to give them an award, you have to spend at least $25. Especially if you are awarding for smaller accomplishments regularly, this minimum award amount can increase your program budget dramatically. Points based programs allow you to scale the amount of the award to the measure of the accomplishment.

Would you like employees to receive a print catalog?

Depending on your employee demographics, and your employees' comfort level with computers, you may decide to give them a physical catalog to order from. If you aren't concerned about having a print catalog, then online only redemption options may be more suitable.

Would you like to give employees a printed recognition award?

If you are giving out an award for years of service, retirement or other more formal reasons, sometimes a keepsake packet is best. Employees can be personally presented the recognition award at an employee recognition ceremony and order their award item later on.

Do your employees have work email addresses?

The reason we ask this question is to find out if sending the employee recognition program information via email is even an option for your organization. If employees don't have work email addresses, then having an online only program wouldn't make sense.

Do you want the package to include a formal certificate?

Formal certificates can be a great addition to an employee recognition program. But in some cases, you may not need or want that level of formality. With any of our programs, you can leave the certificate out of the award packet.

Do you have more than 200 employees?

If you have fewer than a couple hundred employees, you may not have the need for a full online point bank program. These types of programs often require dedicated time and budget in order to be successful.

There you have all the questions you need to answer to find out what kind of employee recognition program is best suited for your organization. Now that you know what kind of program you need, get in touch with our team of experts to get your employee recognition program in place quickly!

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