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Top 5 Trends In Modern Employee Award Programs

There's one recognition question we're asked on a daily basis: "How can my company start recognizing our employees in a meaningful way that's going to have a lasting impact?"
Each organization is unique, with a diverse set of employees, so one award method typically won't dazzle everyone. This is why Awards Network developed an ideal award program experience: a flexible platform that can be customized with your branding, which will track the metrics that are important to you, while gaining excitement among your team(s).

We've identified top trends and features within our clients' award programs that you can take into consideration when building your ideal recognition program. 
Immediate recognition is trending and becoming increasingly popular within many organizations because it's directly related to job performance.
Keep reading if you're looking for suggestions! The following five features are currently being utilized in many of our successful clients' award programs:
 Trend 1
Feature/Trend 1:  Award Websites are Serving as a One Stop Shop

It's likely that your company has information saved for various departments across many cloud servers. Our clients enjoy the convenience of having a single award website to host all their resources and communication bulletins in one area, which can be on display for all employees to access. Our platform can host a multitude of your company's resources - from new hire training materials, to product knowledge, FAQs, safety regulations and videos, in addition to the award program goals, features and brand name award catalog.
 Trend 2
Feature/Trend 2: On-the-Spot and Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Creating camaraderie among adults in the workplace, especially if you have multiple locations, can be a tricky task. Why not ask them how they want to be awarded? Recently, we've had clients implement peer-to-peer awards on their award website, which allows employees to reward one another publicly for small to large tasks and reaching company goals. The submissions can be made public, and displayed with the nominee's and nominator's photos.
 Trend 3

Feature/Trend 3: Time-Saving, Automated Features for Managers
Chances are if you're spending time on a routine task, it can be automated. The same theory applies to awarding employees on a large scale. Our software allows our clients to have automated, personalized recognition at their organization. We can mass input your company data into our system and send out relevant emails and provide a personalized online experience to each of your employees. 

 Trend 4

Feature/Trend 4: Transparent Leaderboards with Top Performers

One of the key drivers in motivation is outward recognition that can be on display. Our software gives you all the tools you need to determine who is performing well. You can also choose to make this knowledge public, via an online leaderboard. This is a popular feature in sales contests or performance based award programs. It's important to notice if specific locations or departments are reaching certain goals, and leaderboards display exactly that information.

 Trend 5

Feature/Trend 5: Multiple Marketing Channels and Materials

Launching an award program shouldn't be the most difficult task when starting a program. The majority of our clients rely on us to create promotional materials (welcome emails, announcement flyers, personalized statements & spot cards) to spread the word about the award program and create excitement. Our clients who use our promotional materials experience higher login and participation rates, than those who don't use these materials.

Communicating and creating an award program experience is a great way to share excitement with your team and help your company grow.

We'll help you develop a custom award program that best fits your needs! You can contact one of our recognition specialists at or request more program information here.
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