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Creating a Strong Workplace Culture in 4 Steps

Shockingly, almost 50% of employees are disengaged at work, and 53% of Americans are unhappy at work. This isn’t good for business, so what can you do? Defining your company’s workplace culture can help you place your employees’ values at the forefront of your business, fostering better teamwork, performance and engagement. What is workplace culture and how can you build one? Let’s get started!

Core Value 1  

Step 1: Define Your Core Values

What is important to you and your employees? Have each employee complete this sentence: We care deeply about ____________; it’s how we want to do business. Find the commonalities among these responses and choose a word that encompasses them. Having 3-5 core values everyone in your company can get behind will help you define a stronger culture!

Core Value 2  

Step 2: Reward Good Behavior

79% of employees who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving. Just as management cannot define the company’s core values on their own, all employees must feel like living the values each day is rewarding and achievable. Show your employees you appreciate their hard work in making strides to live your core values!

Core Value 3  

Step 3. Involve The Whole Organization

Take your company culture full-circle! Engagement starts from the top-down, so managers, supervisors, and executive teams must be sure to emulate your company core values each day. Put them into practice, and it will become second-nature for your employees to follow!


Step 4. Give It Time

Culture is not built overnight. Just as it takes time, patience, energy and hard work to develop a great team, it will take the same to build a strong workplace culture. Measure your employee performance once you’ve put your values into place, and don’t be afraid to reassess your culture if something isn’t working.

If these four little steps seem daunting, don’t get discouraged! Just getting started will put you and your company on the road to creating a culture you’re proud of. 
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