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7 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

With Seasonal Affective Disorder and post-holiday blues lurking around the corner, the need to increase employee engagement at work is pressing. Employees thrive in a positive environment, so it’s essential to have techniques to uplift and energize your team. Here are seven simple tips to inspire employee engagement in your workplace this year:


1. Step Up Your Light Game

Creating a positive environment and a work space to look forward to each day starts with introducing better lighting. Do your employees seem fatigued and cranky? Unscrew those harsh, fluorescent bulbs overhead and encourage your team to bring in a desk light or floor lamp. This minor change can eliminate eye strain and migraines, while transforming the ambiance from corporate to comforting.


2. Break for Blood Flow

Chronic sitting can be the worst part of long days at the office for employees. Encourage your employees to get up from their desk chairs and replace unnecessary emails with face-to-face interactions. Whether it's pairing up and walking a few laps around the building or holding a yoga pose with a peer, any movement interspersed throughout your workday can boost employee engagement and creative thinking. This may be a more realistic New Year's resolution than hitting the gym five days a week anyway.


3. Work from Home

Working from home is a rapidly growing trend in the American workplace. A company culture that is open to employees occasionally working from home can boost productivity and lead to a healthier lifestyle. When you present the opportunity to work remotely, you’re helping to eliminate the anxiety that comes with commuting while building trust. Providing flexibility can show your company cares about work-life balance – creating loyal, committed employees.


4. Go Beyond Small Talk

'Tis the season for chitchat. Superficial small talk can impede employee engagement over the holidays - but you can change that! Try moving the conversation away from "can you believe how early it snowed this year?" and closer to, "if you were asked to watch Baby Yoda for one night, what would you feed him?" Spark a genuine conversation, ask exploratory questions - find out who your colleagues really are.


5. Ditch the Donuts

Don't get us wrong, just about everyone loves donuts. But you can't deny the sluggishness that sets in after scarfing one with your morning coffee. Just take it from this retired Marine, Jocko Willink, who has a rule to never accept free snacks, and deems donuts as the number one food to stay away from. You and your team deserve an energy-boosting breakfast. Use the $40 you were going to spend at the bakery and bring a productivity-boosting fruit and veggie tray instead.


6. Cut the Day Short

Time off improves employee focus by 78%. Show your gratitude to your staff by giving them the afternoon off. One of the best feelings is being recognized as a hard worker and knowing your employer trusts that your work will be done even if you walk out a few hours early. Stop watching the clock, and your team will realize they have an incentive to work more diligently and efficiently.


7. Combat Imposter Syndrome

Encourage your employees to make a list of impactful work they've accomplished for the month. Have them think back on those successes and share with a team member. With Awards Network's customizable award platform, managers can effortlessly recognize employees with points that can be spent on brand name awards or gift cards. Accentuating the positive will empower your staff, helping them to feel confident about what they do and the value they're adding to the company.

These seven small actions will help create an environment that appeals to employees' productivity and well-being. Identify and implement a few of these positive habits and you'll notice how much more mindful and engaged your team can become. What a great place to start for your New Year!

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