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Incentive Program Ideas and Features You Should Implement (and Why)

Brainstroming Incentive Program IdeasAfter you set up an employee incentive program, you may notice a dip in program engagement occur after the first year. To turn that around, you should conduct a review of what is working and what isn't. By removing unsuccessful aspects of your program and adding new fun features, you can keep the program fresh and exciting for your employees. If you're stuck on what to do next and are looking for new incentive program ideas or new features to implement, consider including the following on your incentive program's website.

Peer-to-Peer Forms

Give your employees the ability to nominate each other for the great things they do on a daily basis. Peer-to-peer forms can be a simple addition to your program that will give your employees a new way to interact with each other and encourage engagement in your employee incentive program.

To make your form more specific, add categories for your employees to label each submission with. Examples include above & beyond, going the extra mile, and outstanding performance. For an additional incentive to keep employees nominating, award a point value for each approved submission.


Manager-to-Peer Forms

Like peer-to-peer forms, manager-to-peer forms allow managers to award employees for demonstrating your company values. Give managers a budgeted monthly amount to distribute to employees through the manager-to-peer form as they see fit.

Manager-to-peer form data can also be collected and used for end of the year reviews and company-wide awards, such as employee of the year.


E-card Submissions

Add a fun, interactive element to your program by including creatively designed e-cards to your program. E-cards are a quick and easy way for employees to send a "Hello!", "Thank you!", or "Way to go!" note to other employees in the office. Each e-card submission is emailed to the intended recipient with the sender's message.

Every e-card an employee receives serves a dual purpose, as it also acts as a reminder to the employee to come back to the program website and engage in the additional features you have available.


Recognition Feed

If you use a nomination form in your incentive program, such as peer-to-peer or manager-to-peer forms, then you may want to consider adding a recognition feed! Recognition feeds can be utilized to show the entire company all of the great nominations that have been made by employees and managers.

Each time a new nomination is made, it will immediately appear on your program's online recognition feed for all to see! You may also use a recognition feed in conjunction with e-cards to give an additional social aspect to your program.


Profile Pictures

Allowing employees to upload a picture of themselves is a simple addition that will give each user the ability to further personalize their accounts. Profile pictures work best in conjunction with recognition feeds, so that others can see employee pictures alongside each nomination's details.


Self-Nomination Forms

Let employees tell you when they've accomplished a goal with self-nomination forms. Self-nomination forms work similarly to peer-to-peer forms, except instead of submitting a nomination for someone else, employees can submit nominations for themselves to earn points.

These forms work especially well for actions and goals that employees need to report back to you once complete. For example, if an employee should receive points for making a sale, they can use a self-nomination form to notify you of the details of that sale. You may then approve each submission that qualifies for points.


Open Submission Forms

Open submission forms are a great way to receive feedback from your employees. Use multiple choice and essay style questions on your submission forms to allow employees to write out their ideas and suggestions and send them back to you. You can even ask supporting questions for some extra context to encourage constructive submissions.

Collect the data from these forms to make improvements in areas your employees suggest are lacking. Don't feel like you need to stick with just one form either, add as many forms as you like for reasons such as: Company Feedback, Onboarding Surveys, Safety Suggestions, Bright Ideas, and more!



Do your employees have informational documents they are required to read or maybe they have new training videos that they should watch? If so, quizzes are a fun activity to include in your program that encourage employees to brush up on their company knowledge and skills.

Multiple choice formatted questions allow for employees to submit their answers and receive an immediate grade. You get to choose what the passing grade is, and how many points should be awarded for a passing score! Use these results to gauge how well your employees are learning from the documents you provide to them.


Leader-Board Standings

Add some friendly competition to your program by including leader-boards on your website. Choose which standings you want to show within your program, such as 'Top 10 Point Earners of the Year' or 'Top 5 Competition Winners this Month'. Showing these leaders across your platform will encourage employees to strive to reach your goals. Who doesn't want to see their name at the top of a list?


Company Resources

Do you simply need more traffic to your incentive program website? Add a brand new web page to your program to serve as a dedicated location for your employees to access all of your important company resources. Adding resources such as newsletters, training videos, and informational PDFs to this page will keep traffic filing through your program website. The more traffic your program sees, the more likely you are to keep your company goals at the front of employees' minds.


After you've added one or all of these incentive program ideas to your platform, keep an eye on your engagement! Monitor your program and continue to try new ideas to keep it successful.

What features does your employee incentive program use that you have found to be successful? Share with us in the comments below!

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